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Rotor Brakes

Calumet Manufacturing is proud to offer the Wunderlich Rotor Brake

Our rotor brake was designed by John Bunning and Dick Wunderlich and has been the industry standard for 30 years.
This rotor brake works by bearing a brake pad against the prerotator ring gear.
It must be used with a Wunderlich 9" ring gear or equivalent.

There are different styles of rotor brake based on the rotorhead torque tube (fore & aft tube)
The distance from the spindle (main, vertical) bolt to the forward end of the torque tube determines which style of brake you use

Early rotorheads (Bensen, Brock) had long torque tubes (for optional insertion of an overhead stick). These heads use the rotor brake that rests on the top of the torque tube. It is the non-adjustable style.

Air Command, RFD, Black Beauty and other modern rotor heads have short torque tubes. The second style of rotor brake extends off the front end of the short torque tube and incorporates an adjusting screw to set the pad to ring gear distance.

There is also a special style of rotor brake for rotorheads with torque tubes larger than the standard 1 1/8" width.

Rotor Brake for long tube rotorhead (Bensen / Brock style)
$56.90 & Shipping & Insurance

Rotor Brake for short tube rotorhead (Air Command, RFD, etc.)
$56.90 & Shipping & Insurance

Rotor Brake installed on short tube rotorhead (note adjusting screw)