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Average Complete Prerotator Kit
$975.00 USD

Contact us for an exact quote.

Commonly Purchased Prerotator Parts
Starting from the rotor head down

Ring Gear Assembly

$100.31 USD
The Ring gear assembly is 108 tooth approx. 9" diameter and can be drilled
to fit most common rotorheads for an additional $10.00 USD
If drill-to-fit is desired, state rotorhead model and attach a photo if possible. Note: Ring gear assemblies come with a 2.0625" (2 1/16") +- center hole, except for RFD (Dominator) rotorheads which use a 3.875" (3 3/4") hole. Custom hole diameters larger than
2.0625" are available for an extra fee.


Upper Unit Brace

DD Brace $28.80 USD
REV Brace $23.25 USD

The Upper Unit "Brace" comes in two styles, the Direct Drive model, with grease Zerk fitting
(shown) and the Reversing model which has a smaller shaft hole and no Zerk.


Upper Units

Upper Unit Reversing
(For CW input shaft rotation)
$329.34 USD


Upper Unit Direct Drive
(For CCW input shaft rotation)
$238.30 USD

Drive Wheel
several styles available
see drop down menu for applications & prices From $38.12 USD